It has been reported by some of our readers that Diamond Resorts sales agents had been opening Barclaycard accounts without the knowledge of those attending timeshare presentations, it now looks like Wyndham Resorts is up to the same type of trick.

NewsChannel5 Network has reported on a couple Mr & Mrs Campbell, entered a draw in a shopping mall, the prize was supposed to be a Range Rover, they then received a call telling them they had won a substantial prize and to collect they would need to attend a meeting at a Wyndham Resort in Nashville Tennessee, for a 90 minute presentation.

The couple told the sales staff that they were not going to buy anything, but they persisted in putting pressure on the couple.

The Wyndham employees refused to give them their prize and kept them for around five hours, constantly pressuring them into purchasing a timeshare. Eventually they were able to leave.

But the story doesn’t end there, several weeks later they received a letter thanking them for opening up an account with PayPal, with $15,000 line of credit. Apparently this opened during their presentation at the Wyndham resort. It also transpired that they had also opened a Wyndham Resorts Visa Card account.

They insisted that they never filed out any applications for either the PayPal Account or the Wyndham Visa Card, the only forms they completed were for what they were told was to claim their prize.

NewsChannel5 reporters helped to get the couple the application forms from Wyndham, which when the couple saw them they exclaimed that they had not filled them out, that they had been forged.

According to one off the forms Mr Campbell had a salary income of $60,000 which he told the reporters was nowhere near what he actually earned. This line of credit was effectively a mortgage and would have severe consequences on their credit ratings.

This type of tactic has become all too prevalent in US timeshare presentations, it does not do the industry any favours, especially once it hits the news. According to Inside Timeshare and their US contributors, they have highlighted many cases similar to this from Diamond Sales Agents.

It must also be pointed out that the credit card providers and especially in the case of Diamond, Barclaycard are also to be held responsible. Surely they should also be doing a due diligence before allowing these accounts to be opened?

For the full story and a video of the interview with the Campbell’s follow the link below.